How to get MTN 2GB Data FOR 500 NAIRA

How to get MTN 2GB Data FOR 500 NAIRA – In order to get MTN 2GB data for only 500 naira we have to follow the same procedure as of the previous post on how to double up any MTN data subscription.

THE PROCEDURES- Before we proceed, we need two things.

  1. A rooted android phone (or any android 5.1 or later version).
  2. Download mtk engineering

after downloading and installing MTK ENGINEERING on your rooted or non rooted android 5.1 or later version, open the mtk engineering and choose ‘MTK SETTING>CONNECTIVITY>CDS INFORMATION>RADIO INFORMATION, then in a box written ‘AT+’ type ‘E’ and many options will pop up, like AT+EGMR=1,7,’’ (for sim 1) or AT+EGMR=1,10,”” (for  sim 2) then put this imei: (358016060105230) in between the double quote signs on any of the corresponding sim you want to make use of. it should look like this AT+EGMR=1,7,”358016060105230” or AT+EGMR=1,10,”358016060105230”  and press “SEND AT COMMAND”  and restart your phone and type *#06# on your phone dial pad, your imei will pop up then check if the imei is replaced with the new imei.


If not start the processes again, this time put a space before =. to make it look like this AT+EGMR =1,7,”358016060105230” or  AT+EGMR =1,10,”358016060105230” depending on your desired sim and touch “SEND AT COMMAND” then restart your phone and type *#06# on your dial pad, the imei will be showing “358016060105230”

If it didn’t change this time, try and root your android phone and follow the whole procedures again and it must change. after it changed, insert your mtn sim card into the android phone and wait for about 1 minute, press *123# and send, follow the options to buy data, choose weekly plan and select 750mb for 500naira after purchasing a data press *559*2# to check the data balance, you will see fastlink 1024mb, extra data 1024 which is 2gb and can be use on any device, it last for 2 months.