Register O-give-Login O-give earn 20000 with 5000

Register O-give-Login O-give
Register O-give-Login O-give

Register O-give-Login O-give earn 20000  with just 5000 under 1 week-You don’t need to invite anybody!

O-give is a financial platform that enables participants to achieve their dreams without pressure. Participants can leverage on the growth of the platform to get as much as 5 million per cycle


  • Click here and sign up  with your details and wait for some hours to be match with someone to pay the sum of 5000 naira.
  • Copy out the person’s details and send the 5000 naira to his or her bank account.
  • Click on the ”I HAVE MADE PAYMENT” button.
  • Wait to be match with 4 people that will pay you 5000 naira each, which is 20000 naira!
  • Repeat the process again and again to earn unlimited!

TRENDING–> claritta registeraion & login-earn 6000 naira with 1500 naira

  1. The startup fund for the first level is 5000 naira. At each level, participant is expected to earn four times their input and upgrade with half their input.
  2. To pause your upgrade, simply click the “I can’t pay” button to pause your account. You can resume your account at any time by clicking the resume button.
  3. Always call participant before making payments, otherwise click the “I can’t make” payment button, but remember to resume your account so that you can be rematch quickly.
  4. Get a new bank account, new phone number and a new email. (Note, you cannot use same bank account, phone number and email address to register on the platform twice).
  5. You can be matched under a week. The matching leverages on the growth of the O-give platform, hence it is very possible for you to be match in a few minutes.
  6. Check your account three times a day, call all your payee and then upgrade promptly.
  7. Although there are no referral links or referral bonuses, but top recruiters are rewarded from time to time.


Stage Pay Recieve Keep
One NGN 5,000 NGN 20,000 NGN 10,000
Two NGN 10,000 NGN 40,000 NGN 20,000
Three NGN 20,000 NGN 80,000 NGN 40,000
Four NGN 40,000 NGN 160,000 NGN 80,000
Five NGN 80,000 NGN 320,000 NGN 160,000
Six NGN 160,000 NGN 640,000 NGN 320,000
Seven NGN 320,000 NGN 1,280,000 NGN 640,000
Eight NGN 640,000 NGN 2,560,000 NGN 1,280,000
Nine NGN 1,280,000 NGN 5,120,000 All
Ten NGN 5,000 NGN 20,000 10,000



  1. I registered last Monday and I got matched after 20mins of registration. I made a payment of 5k to a participant same day which she confirmed same day. Up till now, I have been trying to login but to no avail. Even the new website is not opening. Monday will make it 1week I made my payment and there is no sign that the site will reopen. What is going on?

  2. I don’t understand ogive I registered and made my payment….i don’t know if the person confirmed it….after the upgrade I have been trying to login but I cant…..pls help me

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